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The young naturalist

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50mm · f/2,8 · 1/1000 · ISO 100
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Anonymous's picture

I love this shot!

Michael Kuszla's picture

This is a stunning shot. I love the story here. This is a bold scenery.
But, I'm scarred... where are the shoes? Why did she left her shoes? And where?

She's wearing chosen clothes, but I don't see the shoes. At Best dirty feet.

Barefoot is, maybe sexy, but I'm missing something in the storytelling.

Anyway, this is a really nice picture :)

Erin B.'s picture

That's what I was thinking! But more from a practical viewpoint. That doesn't look like a very barefoot friendly area

David Cox's picture

Very cool. I even more like the fact that, after being away for multiple years and browsing the images for the first time since, your style is very recognizable. I glance at the image and when I checked the photographer, i thought ... "Of course".
Very nicely done!