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Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond is a fresh water source located in the heart of Acadia National Park, flanked by Penobscot Mtn on the left, Pemetic Mtn on the right, and the two Bubbles (North & South) at the end of the lake. On this particular night, we had planned to shoot the coastline, only to be reminded of how much the tides can enhance or destroy the composition you'd scouted earlier in the day. Not to waste the amazing colour behind us, we rushed around the Park Loop Road over to Jordan Pond to the backup shot I had in mind. With only minutes to spare, we were set up and shooting just as the sky exploded with colour. A fortunate end to what could've been a ruined opportunity!

19mm · f/11.0 · 1.6s · ISO 100
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Superb! Love it!

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Thanks Chris!

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Fantastic shot!

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Thanks Jayden!

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I've been there; yours is an excellent rendition...

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thanks Ed! Of all the times i've been there, this was by far the most memorable!