Guinness beer by Juriy Kolokolnikov
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Guinness beer

November 21, 2017

The idea was to shoot a can of Guinness on a black background

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Gerd Moors's picture

Nice work!

Akwesi Baah's picture

how did you achieve your condensation please?

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

70% glycerin, 30% water, applied to the can with a spray

Akwesi Baah's picture

Thanks for the feedback... i know and have tried that solution.. 50/50 but last time i tried, the subject (glass) looked very grease... i wonder why. could it have been as a result of the type of glycerin (brand)?

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

maybe it was already glycerin with water, check what is written on the bottle label with glycerin