4 Faces of Beauty by Henry Louey
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4 Faces of Beauty

July 13, 2014

A progression of images from a beauty shoot going from neutral to downright crazy

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Patrick Burger's picture

Totally love these shots! Great work!

Henry Louey's picture

Thanks for the kind words Patrick. It was a totally pointless but fun shoot.

We did it as the team didn't want to do the usual beauty type shots

Patrick Burger's picture

In my opinion that's wat makes this picture (or the pictures) so special. It's different, i love the expressions, she's a beautiful and fun young woman and i also love the post processing. Everything in the final shots feels like it's meant to be, it just fits together like a perfect puzzle. Big respect!

fred lefeuvre's picture

I love the fourth :)

Jim Quinn's picture

Made me chuckle. Looks like fun

David Lok's picture

Love the background colours