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February 11, 2018

A women from Himachal Pradesh, India. Though I am not good at portraits, I tried my best to capture her expression with the limited amount of natural light that i had.

Canon 600D
23mm · f/4.5 · 1/15s · ISO 400
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I think that this is a great portrait! You underestimate yourself.

You caught a wonderful expression, with the twinkle in the woman's eye, and she is beautifully lit. I like the off-centre composition, the background is just soft enough to provide context but not distraction, and the highlight on the brass balances the subject being close to the right edge. Even details, like the beads bottom right provide a compositional foil that helps (cover them, and you'll see what I mean) while also telling us a little more about her.

One can't consciously think of all these things while framing up, but subliminally we do a lot of this, with experience.

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Thank you so much, Its really a pleasure to hear such a detailed analysis as a comment. Thanks a lot.