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Winter Road

Somewhere in the northern parts of Sweden.

190mm · f/11.0 · 1/6s · ISO 100
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Awesome. I love the colors and the hints of red in the back!

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Thanks man! :-)

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I love that the road's turn instills a yearning for the warmer destination. (I would've liked it better if the red casting trees felt a bit further away, but that wasn't a possible choice.)

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Thank you so much!
Yea it would have been awesome if some of the light managed to hit some of the closer trees, or the road.

xubuntu's picture

I meant the opposite so that the road feels longer, colder, and more arduous, increasing the yearning for the scarce warm sunlight in the distance. (It's just an idea, nothing you could've done differently to make this picture better.)

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