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Alessandro Iacobellis of Lunarsea

This was my first time at this venue which is basically a dark small hall in the back of a pub in a post-industrial building. Dark and cold.

I like challenges and boy, this one sure was one.

I didn't want to push ISO over 6400 because I know this is the limit of semi-decent quality in my Canon 5D mk II, so I tried to stand as still as possible and try to catch the band in frame whenever there was slightly more light and they did not move; they are a metal band so you can imagine "static" is not their keyword. Here's one of the better frames from that day.

If you look at the exif you'll know the conditions were far from comfortable. But that's what puts fun into concert photography for me.


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Canon 5D Mark II
28mm · f/2.8 · 1/25s · ISO 6400
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