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"Amber Waves"

The swirling/flowing lines on this betta's fins made me think of waves.

I see these Betta close-ups more as abstract landscapes than actual representations of the fish, themselves.

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Amazing closeup.

Awesome! May I ask, is this taken with a macro lens? Was it taken underwater?
Have to say I love the almost fractal and metallic nature of the scales.

Sorry, John. I was out of town.

Canon 100mm Macro f2.8 L IS USM. A great macro. Shot through a small, thin-glassed tank. Fish in water, me out.

What an interesting concept...that of seeing these close ups as a landscape. Your vision, artistry and meticulous attention to detail has had me looking at this image for 10 minutes already. Thank you for that...this is beautiful work!

Thanks for the kind words, Rick. - Now, if I can just get you to pay me by the minute. : )