Warm Light by Ole Henrik Skjelstad
June 13, 2018

Sunrise Romsdalen, Norway. I believe this was three in the night and the sun was already coloring the sky. This is a focus stack of two exposures for max sharpness and details all across the scene.

28 · f/11 · 0.4 · ISO 100
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Grzegorz Piechowicz's picture

Beautifully composed and stunning colours and scenery!

Ole Henrik Skjelstad's picture

A huge thanks, man!!

Ethan Davis's picture

I'd love to see some before and afters of some of your images. They contain so much drama, I myself find it really hard to blend such dramatic light naturally! Beautiful image, what was the file size after blending multiple focuses? Huge I imagine :D

Ole Henrik Skjelstad's picture

A huge huge thanks! I have so far never posted before and after images - perhaps one day :) I flattened the image immediately after blending which kept the file size at a reasonable level.

Ethan Davis's picture

I look forward to it, I find it really interesting to see before and after. However I do see the problem of sharing your secrets haha!