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Mouth of Kala

While shooting towards the sun I suddenly became aware of the moon rising behind Trollveggen. The only way to have both the sun and the moon in the same frame was to shoot a panorama. Mist flowing in from Vengedalen created a very unique light that July evening in Romsdalen.

Pentax 645Z
28 · f/11 · ISO 100
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I'd love to see how you shot and edit this image. The simple act of balancing all this light must've been a nightmare surely? Or maybe your dynamic range is next level haha. Amazing image!

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After I had stitched the pano in Lightroom it lay untouched on my harddrive for three weeks before I found the energy to edit the image ;) The dr of the 645Z is very very good so the camera captured all the hightlight and shadow detail I needed. Thanks so very much!!