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The Dragon´s Lair

I had to go down the bridge, walked right and get very close to those rocks to get this strong foreground. On this spot, the tide has to be really low, and one has to be careful with it, you can get isolated and with no chance to get to the bridge again. "No pain, no gain" they say, so my reward was this surely unique view of this magnificent San Juan of Gaztelugatxe, location where Game of Thrones shot Dragonstone, with Daenerys and more cast walking along that bridge and stairs.

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Epic capture, bromigo!

thanks a lot Tori!

Buscando otra mención Jajajaja

Esto es una lotería! Jajaja. No estaría mal si lo hacen 😛


World class Aritz

awesome shot man !

Superb photography. Great job.