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The Empire State Building

First post in almost 6 months! Way too busy with work and a not-so-new (9 month old) baby who is way too energetic for his own good! What better way to kick off restarting my feed, than with one of the last photos I took before my hiatus...looking forward to getting out and shooting more soon!

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Beautiful image, Chris. It's such a familiar building to us all by now, but you seem to have managed a fresh look at this classic of the Deco era.

Thanks Chris! This was from the rooftop of our hotel, which had just finished a redesign.

such amazing job chris

hoping one day will capture this , who knows!

Just wow. When I see these kind of pictures while I am doing my very best, I always wonder if it is really true that gear doesn't matter. Would you be able to take such a wonderful picture with a Canon 80D in combination with a lens of you choise? If so, how?