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The bridge

Bridge over the sea to a lighthouse in Brittany

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just like to see a bit more detail in the blacks..killer sky and light

The bridge is too dark and takes a big place in the photography. And thé lighthouse can't be seen completely whereas it seems to be a main topic in the picture. Actually, our eyes go towards the lighthouse.

I understand the previous comments but wouldn't change a thing.

Great capture!

Lovely warm light coming through the hardness of the archway against the backdrop of those soft yet dramatic clouds. I like it.

Fantastic moment to shoot very nice lights!

It is perfect as it is...great photo!!!

Beautiful! I like the bridge dark.. It a great contrast to where the eye goes, to the arch and setting/rising sun.

There doesn't always have to be details in the shadows. I wouldn't change a thing.

How did you get there? I tried but didn‘t find a path down there...


Nice :-)

Denis, I have seen several other images of this location and you have made it very special Cheers!