Shumon Saito's picture

Mysterious lake

The lake which came by chance was very mysterious, the autumn color reflected on the lake surface was brilliant and beautiful.

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Ryan Luna's picture

The detail, clarity, tonality, and sharpness are outstanding!

Danny Tan's picture

Cracker of a shot mate!

John Pettigrew's picture

Beautiful composition and colour

ryan davidson's picture

Nice to see photos of the autumn colors that were not poorly photoshopped and plastered all over instagram. These tones are fantastic.

heikoknoll's picture

I think this is one of the best "fall-colors" image I have ever seen.

Matthias Kirk's picture

Congratulations to this showstopping image!

Shane Smith's picture

Awesome Autumn colours and killer reflections. Wonderful capture Shumon 👍

charles warren's picture

It's like a beautiful Lady looking at herself in a vanity mirror. Showing off her best look. Very nice. Patience is truly a Virtue.

Frank Kinser's picture

The lighting, the stillness of the water, the perfection of the Fall colors. Everything came together so very well for this photograph. Good job.

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Great composition and really like reflection and colors!