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Just Bilbao

What can I say about my hometown city Bilbao. So many times photographed museum that we have, but never ceases to amaze me. Its titanium body magicly reflects the colors of surroundings and sky, being in perfect armony like a huge ship by the river, always a watcher of its home Bilbao.

Excerpt of an article about how this city changed for good.

"We believe the best praise for the Bilbao Guggenheim is by placing it as the keystone to the transformation process not only of a city but also of a country: the Land of the Basques. It’s a brilliant and powerful element that fits in perfectly with the complex “transmutation” plan in which all the parts have been necessary for success."

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space – 12/24/2013

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So beautiful mate!

Beautiful city. Just walked through on the Camino de Santiago