A window on Paris by Marc lamey
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A window on Paris

January 20, 2019

A round Window on Paris and Jod looking thru it

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Lukasz J's picture

I wonder if this is a composite or not ... either way I love it.

Marc lamey's picture

I do not do composite except if you see a Dinosaur... I love photography not Infography :)

Lukasz J's picture

So that means the exposure is top notch. I love the lighting and the composition. But I cannot belive some of your other photos are not composites though :).

Marc lamey's picture

Happy it is hard to believe :) But indeed none of thos ones are composite... If one day you see a Dinosaur, I made some composite and one madmax that's all; Reasons being i love taking the picture, I do not like spending time on post.. and I do not think composite are photography art but they are some other art;

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