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It was definitely one of the best moments of my trip to the Faroe Island when I had a chance to take a scouted hike out to the cliffs of Drangarnir.

The place made my jaw drop. After arriving at that location I had to put all my gear down and just stand there for a couple of minutes to let the moment and this massive vista soak in.

I took many images that afternoon from multiple angles. When the sun made a brief visit in my frame I made sure to capture the sunstar, too.

The typical Faroe weather of course kept me busy wiping the glass of my ND-Filter. I think 2-3 rain showers came down while I was at that very spot alone. But as it always is: that kind of weather often brings the best light.

I knew right away that this image would be one I would like a lot. As it often is; these kind of personal favorites sit on my hard drive even longer than other images. It takes me a while to finally pick images like that up and put myself to the task to not screw up the edit.

All in all this image combines 6 exposures from this session to include the sunstar (with f20 and ISO 100), the best moments of wave movement, the sky and haze in the distant rocks.

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Excellent work, love the light and dynamic waves! Superb!

Beautiful! We can feel the dynamic and ambience there..

Stunning !!!!😁