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Rolling fields

Marche / Italy

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This one is amazing. Maybe even better than the one that won the winter CTC :) The only thing that bothers me is the level of this building roof. Looks like its not leveled, but maybe it's just that way (I'm sorry for my OCD :))

Dzieki Lukasz! I doubt if the picture is inclined. Take a look at the left corner of the building - it's vertical. The slanting roof could be caused by perspective - the building is quite long.

The wall seems vertical ;), changing to 5 ;). Do you got you pictures available in high res? I would like to hang at least 2 on my wall.

Beautiful image, Piotr! One of the very best I've seen on Fstoppers. Yes, maybe Lukasz is right that the image is rotated clockwise slightly.

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