Denis Smajic's picture

Misty future

Unfortunately I was not wearing any colored jacket but the black one works fine also. I love mist so much !

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Ashley Hoff's picture

Love this photo. I am so drawn into the image. Great Subject. Thank you for sharing.

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

you have done something right when I have to stop up scrolling and watch :) lovely mood on this one :)

G. Rovner's picture

Great Photo, IMHO perfectly composed. The eye is drawn to where you want it. Well done

Ron Welch's picture

Very nice!

Cindy Throgmorton's picture

Sometimes it is what a photo doesn't say that makes it so intriguing. Is he lonely, angry, demented, we just don't know and that strikes a deep emo chord within us. We think we need to know. Excellent, I like it a LOT!!!