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Diamond beach

Diamond beach

One of the most special and captured place of Iceland, every day the ice
melting from the Vatnajokull glacier is going to the ocean and diamond
beach with the tide.

Each day is different, you can have days with some icebergs along the beach and some
days the Beach is totally covered with icebergs ... it was actually the case.

When the Beach is totally covered, it becomes more complex to isolate some icebergs as
main subjects.

I already shooted this place at sunset (classical) some years ago the ocean
was very calm, no wind, no vawes.

So I was happy with the windy conditions and the vawes, offering me a completly
different view from this place.

A small reminder about this place, I saw lot of people going on the big icebergs
to take souvenir pictures, this kind of picture can really be your last one ...

Some icebergs seems to be stable with a weight of multiple tons, but in reality they
are not !!! a big vawes can return them in a split second and you can be crushed under ...
Other looks cute, but they weight also 40 to 50 kg, when they are moved quickly by the vawes
they have sufficient weight to break your legs ...

24 · f/10 · ISO 160
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