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Earth Abstract

I do abstract painting which I then photograph. I have sold the photographs for light box and digital displays. While some may say that taking a photograph of a painting is cheating, I make the paintings for the purpose of photographing them so it is all part of the single process of producing a piece of art.

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Love it, awesome patterns! I have done the same with some of my sister’s paintings, took stacked macros of them:)

Hey Peter! Thanks for checking me out! Hope to see you in the group!

This is wonderful.

Thanks John! That's a nice message to wake up to!

I love this. Acrylic pour?

Ruth, Look at what Warhol did and it made him famous lots of people accused him of cheating and worst it’s a matter of opinion especially with art. And then it’s a matter between the artist and creator … oh wait the artist is the creator ;-).

I saw is image in a groups discussion but couldn’t comment not being a member. I thought it was some reflection, and it made me think of King’s Manassa Turquoise.


Wonderful image and titled properly and now you can see why :-) And I photographing a painting (of your making) as 'your' art as to the critics ... screw 'em ... pardon my French.