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September 13, 2014

here about 150 layers, which have been obtained "freezing" (Einstein640 = ~ 1 / 5000-1 / 7000 s) bursts of water. Assembly took about a year, made at long intervals, the total time worked for about a month.

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Holy *&£^. I see a lot of imagery and may get a bit blasé from time to time, but I was absolutely blown away by this. Awesome work!

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thanks for the comment! almost a year is spent on processing photos

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This is one of the best splash photo's I've seen.

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Great work that glass horse really helps bring it home!

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The horse is all splash too man. Shows how good it is that you and I initially thought it was a glass ornament haha!

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Great Stuff!!!

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Best what I've seen in that technique!

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*THUNK* That was the sound of my jaw dropping. I absolutely believe that it took so many shots and so long to edit! This is truly exquisite, absolutely gorgeous in every way. This is just SO STUNNING!!

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Kudos, i initially thought you'd added some splashes onto a glass horse - which speaks volumes about the painstaking effort required to produce this.

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Wow, your patients paid off. Great work!

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What? How cool! Love it.

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That is impressive! Goes to show what a bit of dedication can do, where many people are content with a snapshot. Absolutely stunning.

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Really can't argue with this.

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Very creative and good processing Igor!
You must be a very patient man considering the work you had to put in for this.
However the outcome is simply MAGNIFICENT.

Wonderfully done!

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While I'd argue that it's not a photo, I do like it a lot. This is an excellent creation!

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We all have crazy ideas sometimes but seldom do we really go through with them in the incredible manner that you did in this piece of work. Thanks!

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This is ridiculous! in a good way.
Is there any behind the scenes material to this great work?

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You constructed it beautifully

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Wow! stunning work.

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Absolutely stunning! Left my jaw on the ground.

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Stunning work of art! One of the best, or even the best, composite art image I've ever seen!

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This is Masterpiece