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Passo Sella

we arrived late for sunrise. I kept running around searching for a good composition and found nothing. No foreground. So i used my gf :)

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To be completely honest, the only thing I don't like about this shot is that you have a person smack dab in the middle :) That and the rocks in the foreground are very blue.

There isn't enough separation between person and mountain so it just feels obstructed to me. Also since the person & mountain are at the same height my eye doesn't know where to go. Maybe having the subject walk further down the mountain would create depth and strengthen the mountain as the main subject.

I think the composition is great otherwise; the downward flow of the foreground with that rock base is nice. Hope my critique doesn't come off as too critical, I think your portfolio is tops.

Thank you for your thoughts. I see the blue rocks and now they bother me too. The person couldn't go any further down. Trust me on that. :) I also held the camera high to get that feeling of depth that you are talking about, but that was the terrain there. I mentioned that I wasn't satisfied with the location...