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Lago di Braies

Early in the morning there were around 12 people at this spot trying to take a picture of the classic spot at Lago di Braes. I thought "this is busy". But thick fog surrounded the mountain making it invisible. After a while i gave up and decided to take a walk around the lake. Went to the car and dropped my bag only to find when i came back there was no fog anymore :) Went back and took this picture. Only then i found what busy really means. The place filled up with tourists in no time. There were hundreds of them....

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And from the shelter of my place of humanity I looked across the waters, smooth and clear as glass. The rays of sunlight refracting off the snow glazed mountain tops and low lying clouds. Breathe deep and be encompassed in its serene beauty.
~L.S. Sunheart~

I think you caught the moment quite well.