Truck On Car by Don Shader
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Truck On Car

September 22, 2014

Display for a body shop. I shot this for the chance to learn about HDR and Photomatix Pro. The base exposure was 1/4s @f/11, shot in Aperture Priority, the 2 exposures values under, then 2 exposure values over.
The image was tone mapped in Photomatix, then finished in Photoshop.

11-16@11MM · f/11 · 1/4 · ISO 200
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This is a nice HDR example and actually this is how HDR meant to be, not like what other apps exaggerate in effects. I like it

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Thanks Bavarian DNA. I'm glad to hear you say that. I personally don't like a lot of the HDR images I see these days because they are way too over-done. I have a blog post on my web site in which I talk a little about the subject and have another example, just FYI. I think there is a place for HDR but unfortunately it gets severely abused.