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Atomic Collision

Performers: @turk_ops, @veronafink
Ratrod: @paulsmith6798
Location: @atomiccollision
After an year and a half of dreaming up this shoot, we were finally able to get together last weekend to attempt it. The two performers are breathing fire off of the ratrod's flame throwing exhaust tips. After lots of testing and numerous takes, they were able to pull it off. Naturally lit, taken with the Sony A7III and Tamron 28-75 f2.8.

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That's cool!!
Or Hot...

Cool shot. I would have liked to seen this shot closer with a less busy background. Contextually the background works with the grungy garage theme, from a composition perspective I think it would have improved bringing the shot closer. Either way top achievement.

Wow! I like the wideangle and the whole color palette

This is an epic shot, and it suits the car and the environment. It would’ve been hard to pull this off, both in timing and regards for safety, but it looks like it was all worth it in the end. Good job guys !

Amazing Image.. Great portfolio!

killer cool!