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This is water soluble suminagashi ink in water. I use this ink because of the very reason these images sometimes get constructive criticism about focus. That is that the ink is dissolving rapidly into the water and therefore has a soft, ephemeral and surreal look. The inks are dropped in at different rates and through an oil barrier which provides some control. Then I flip the final image to be 'trees'. Enjoy!

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Love this one, Ruth! Even since noticing a resemblance to a capsicum! The simplicity, hanging in the void, even a bit like a stage set - these always get my pedestrian imagination going. My god - now I've got a green knight (or is that a medieval damsel?) on a trampoline! I'd better sign off...

I knew this would be the one that you gravitated to! :) i love the simplicity of this one too. The irony is that these are much harder to get than the crazy, complex ones. Keep the analogies coming!

Strikingly simple and engaging!