*** by Sergey Kosarevsky
July 28, 2019

A portrait of my friend in natural lighting.

Canon R
85mm · f/1.4 · 1/1000s · ISO 100
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Matthew Teetshorn's picture

The "cinematic headshot". This guy gets it. :)

Sergey Kosarevsky's picture

Many thanks, Matthew! Though, the classic "cinematic headshot" uses a reflector and longer focal length :)

Matthew Teetshorn's picture

There are no "rules". It's a headshot and it looks cinematic! I approve!

Greg Fulton's picture

Hi Sergey.
This image oozes warm of colour and relationship. The amber tones are consistent and wash gracefully through the background and subject. Keeping the out-of-focus walker in the background I reckon is smart. It sort of moves the image subconcously from 'staged and static' to real time lucky moment.
Great capture Sergey!