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SPQR - Brett

A portrait from out collaboration with SPQR in Colorado. All shot in a single location with multiple concepts and lighting set ups over the course of two days. Incredible artists from our local community!

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Very nice!

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Great image! 👊

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Wonderful shot. - Looks like a pretty talented artist, as well. Like his style.

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Beautiful! I had a studio that looked very similar to that :)

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I love that the light on his face seems to be primarily coming from bouncing off of the canvas on the stand from the window. Even if other lights are used, on his other side, it looks very natural. I hate it when there is such a strong light source (like the window) and photographers over compensate everywhere else.

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Window highlights participating very well in the composition. cheers.

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Oh man do I love this. That window light is great.

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Great mood