Photographer/Retoucher - Vicky Papas Vergara
designer- Vicky Papas Vergara
Model- Mary Vitinaros
MUA- Saphire Gaskas
hair- Vicky Papas Vergara

Canon 5D Mark III
70mm · f/3.5 · 1/100s · ISO 1250
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saphire gaskas's picture

And five more here!

ATOR Photo's picture

That is sooo beautiful!

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Thanks man xxx

robert bates's picture

Amazing tones and pose, the tree is a great backdrop and really suits the image. Fabulous outfit and just a great image.

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Thanks Robert! This image was shot on location, the tree is amazing! I make all the gowns and pieces for my shoots. Photoshop has become my friend, l had to learn real quick! Xxx

Savi You's picture

I'd give it more stars if I could...just amazing.

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

You are too cool! Xxx

Anonymous's picture

Great model, great photo, excellent editing skills. 5 stars

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Thank you Wendy! Hope you have the best day xxxx

Sergio Tello's picture

like a goddess

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

She is! Has the most amazing body!

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

She is! Amazing model!

Image Faktory's picture

Truly amazing!

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

thank you Image faktory xxxx

olivier borgognon's picture

Fascinating image... impressive, totally in love.

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

made my day xxxx

Andreea Iancu's picture

Stunning! Love the model, the pose, the clothing.. plus, great tones and overall feeling! <3

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Andreea, thank you, congrats on the photo of the day! xxx

Joe Smith's picture

Five stars seems to be a bit of a downgrade. The symmetry, lighting, posing, post work. I could go on but I'm sure you get it. Oh, yes, that dress. Jeez. Wow.

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Made my day Joe xxxxx

Alejandro Flores's picture

Beautiful ....just beautiful

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Alejandro, Thank you xxxxx

Kevin Joseph's picture


Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Thanks Kevin, she's a stunning girl, loved working with her!

Jessica Ramaker's picture

Incredible! Love the way her pose mirrors the tree behind her. So fun!

Josh Eskridge's picture

This is art.

P K H's picture

Five more !!!

Manthos Tsakiridis's picture


Giovanni Bernardo's picture

Very good work with color balanced between skin tone and background.

Matija Marcius's picture

Awesome model, the pose, the clothing, hair ...
Like this tones and overall power of composition!

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