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come on in

my image for Halloween: a creepy and spooky path down a forest at Tenerife, Spain. This mountain area is high up on a mountain where the clouds of the north keep hanging in. A wet but amazing experience to walk around there.

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probably one of the best i've seen of this mystic place ! hats off my friend

Yes, please! 😍😍😍

How do you edit an image like this? I have a shot i took last week, and would love to give it this mystic look.

Hi Wade, glad you like it. It is a bit more complex than just writing a few lines here. I offer online trainings for that. ....despite the enhancements in the edit: you need an image that has fog and mood in it already. Well, you can fake all of that in PS, too, of course, but its often not plausible and less fulfilling to do so.

Okay yeah I think it might work, but it’s missing fog (I just uploaded it to my photos if you get a chance to check it out - river scene with Golden morning light). I’ll check out your tutorials too. I just picked up a PS tutorial set from Nick Page that I need to get through first. Thanks!

Nick is a great teacher. ...I don't have any tutorials to sell (not yet at least). I do Skype sessions.