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Assateague Milky Way

Taken at Assateague Island National Seashore outside of Ocean City, MD. I followed the 500 rule to the letter. But, in future attempts I'll experiment more.

Canon 5D Mark III, ISO 2000, 25 sec
Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8L II at f/2.8

Canon 5D Mark III
20mm · f/2.8 · 25s · ISO 2000
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Hi Robert, crisp stars. I'm still working on figuring out my MW clarity.

What's the golden glow there... is that city light from down Virginia way? I was at Assateague for a glorious week of leave back in the late 80s. I feel like I've pissed away 30 yrs not realizing I could have been out shooting the night sky. Ha.

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Hi Cathleen! Thanks for your kind words! The golden glow is the light from several small towns over the horizon: Chincoteague, Wallops Island and numerous smaller communities south and west. There are a number of ways to get sharp stars. What I do is set up my composition. Then manually focus on the brightest star in the scene using magnififed Live View. Then of course there's the 500 Rule. There's also hyperfocal distance. I haven't tried that yet though. According to popular dark sky finders, Assateague wasn't supposed to that great. But, I figured it was only a 3-hour drive. So, nothing to lose but time. If you can reach it, go for it next season.

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Have you ever considered getting a star tracker? Very nice shot!

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Thanks! I've thought about it. But, the Mrs would tar and feather me if one more piece of kit came in the door. Shhhh! Waiting!

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Lolol i know the feeling. It wasnt until i was single again before I could persue the flying thing. 😂😂