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Here we are

A panorama made in September-October during a trip to Iceland. That fantastic night we had high KP values that allow us to take some nice shots.

At location, I think that the most difficult part was finding the right compo with the dunes and the Vestrahorn....have you ever been there?

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Daniel Viñé's picture

Fantastic shot !!!!

Eneko Guerra's picture

thank u Dani!

Alberto Moreno's picture

Congratulations eneko, my favourite places

Eneko Guerra's picture

thank u so much Alberto!

Alejandro García Bernardo's picture

wooooow awesome shot mate!!!

Eneko Guerra's picture

thank u so much Alejandro!

jabi sanz's picture

Fantastic shot my friend oh wow

Shadowsoflight Lap's picture

nice work Mate, the norther lihgt are magical

carlos gonzalez's picture

Amazing shot