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Playa de la arnia

The beach of the arnia is one of the essential visits in Cantabria. without a doubt a wonderful place for the sunrise

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Gracias tío

I love iconic shots of wonderful places. I would say that this is approximately equal to some of the best images I have seen of this location. Personally, I wonder if it would have been a little better if shot from somewhat lower, to hide the small rocks on the left, and with the camera turned more to the left to eliminate the hill and grass in thee foreground. But I desperately need for the complete view of the two colors of the wall on the left to be maintained. So perhaps a wider panoramic view.

Thanks for the post Gregory. This was my first time in this place and I only had 5 minutes or even less. I was shooting the urros and at the end I decided to go to this view running. So I didn't have to much time to plan my frame. If I moved to the left I wouldn't have seen the wall so I had to decide quickly. Sorry for my English.