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In the Deep of the Sea

This is an ocean-inspired abstract. I thought it was also interesting based on the recent thread in Alan's tree post about painting vs. photography, I paint in order to photograph the works. The photographed pieces are brighter and have more depth than the actual paintings. The photograph is the end goal of my process and I often just paint over the paintings!

samsung SM-G955U1
4.25mm · f/1.7 · 1/17s · ISO 200
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I really like the abstract nature, composition and coloring of this Ruth. It invites the eye to roam and investigate.

I can't believe you paint over the originals - original and unique artwork has to be worth something...….

I know. My friends chastise me! But i am going with the idea that it makes me eccentric. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 😁. Thanks for the feedback too!

These inked shots from above are really lovely. It reminds me when I had a color shop paintwork and I did a lot of experiments with this on furniture. I will look them up and will share it with you some day.