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Lake Bled

February 2, 2020

Winter morning at Lake Bled just as the first boat with tourists was arriving at the island.

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Konstantinos Vampertsis's picture

Beautiful photo! I like how you have captured the fog and the reflections.

Stefan Olsson's picture

outstanding...Great work

Phil Cornwall's picture

Ethereal and magnificent!

David Martin Castan's picture

wow epic winter landscape, congrats

Ales Krivec's picture

Thank you Martin, I am big fan of your photography (1X gallery).

Ales Krivec's picture

Thank you very much, everyone :)

Ryno Steyn's picture

Perfect 5/5

Jeff Walsh's picture

I will type here what I audibly said when I saw this, "Holy shit, this is an incredible shot...WOW, I want this shot."

Carl Kruse's picture

Echoing, "beautiful photo!"

So intense. really great shot. It is really so complete.