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Very nice

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The subject has a wonderful connection with the sense. Great job!

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thx Eric

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I’ve never been a lover of the 50mm used for portrait choosing the 85 to 105mm and F4.
This portrait is so beautiful nailing the sharp focus on the eyes and letting the wide aperture work its transition magic through out the subject.

I’ll need to rethink my portrait approach after seeing this image, nicely done beautiful subject.

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Thank you Robert. I used to prefer the 85mm for portrait myself. One day I did a portrait shooting starting with the 85 and then switched to the 50mm. Comparing the images in LR together with the model, we both felt that the 85 made her face a bit wider than in real world and that the images taken with the 50mm came a lot closer to what I saw looking at the person sitting next to me. This is only my personal opinion and a matter of taste.

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Isn’t that interesting, the longer focal length in this case the 85mm compresses the image slightly over the 50mm, the 105mm a bit more then that. The 50mm, for a full frame or 35mm film camera is a normal lens. I would suspected it to have slightly widened the subjects features, you are claiming the opposite.
I know that 1.6 crop sensors a 50mm will give an 80mm comparison focal factor and is why a lot of “new” digital cameras work well for portrait with the little 50’s.
Geez, I’m going to need to try this myself (again).
The really nice part of a full frame camera is that the depth of field is shallow at F2.2 and you nailed the focus, not to give you all the credit your model is gorgeous. :)

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You are absolutly right. I think that 50% (if not more) is the models credit. The rest is equipment and trying to get connected to the person on the other side of my camera - no doubt about it.

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Awesome work!

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Thank you

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Amazing photo! Love the soft lighting, yet very sharp image, how did you do it? The reflections hint to a softbox, but the quality of the light doesn't..either way, love it!

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Thx Patrick. Due to very limited space (home studio) my main light is always very close to the subject causing a dramatic light falloff. In this case it was an Octabox camera right. To get a more moderate contrast I used a large Stripbox horizontal above the model to light the background and the light bouncing back as fill. There also was a white V-flat camera left helping to lift the shadows a bit more.

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Die Qualität des Lichtes erinnert mich an das eines großen Fensters, aber anscheinend war das doch ein bisschen mehr Arbeit ;)

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Wenn ich hier ein großes Fenster hätte würde ich liebend gerne mit dem natürlichen Licht arbeiten... so muss ich eben tricksen ;)

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Marissa is spot on. Really love how you captured her. To me the chair rail in back does not add complexity or interest.

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like everyone else, I think this is an incredible image.

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outstanding image

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Thank you for a hint of a smile, makes her seem ALIVE.