«Lofoten scenery» by Klaus Axelsen
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«Lofoten scenery»

March 1, 2020

I happened to be at this place together with a bunch of great landscape photographers when we got some nice sunrise glow on the peaks of the majestic mountains of Lofoten, and I can assure you that all of us was in a great mood! Hope you enjoy this view from Lofoten!

Sony A7rii
18mm · f/11 · Focus stacked, 3 exp · ISO 100
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joseph cole's picture

Great shot Klaus!!! Amazing light!!!

Klaus Axelsen's picture

Many thanks Joseph! We were lucky this morning📸😀

Nick B's picture

Amazing light indeed. I'm afraid the foreground doesn't match it though.

Klaus Axelsen's picture

Too bad you do not like the foreground here😉 I still think it is not too bad! Have a nice evening!!

Nick B's picture

Yeah unfortunately it feels a bit forced. Like you had this amazing light and subject matter and was running around trying to find a leading line that'd kinda work. In that case I'd have prefered no foreground at all, just a pano.

Klaus Axelsen's picture

Thanks for your opinion on this one! The foreground might not be fantastic, but the reflected light in the pool of water made for a more interesting photo compared to a shot without a foreground in my opinion(Which I also shot). Still I have some long lense captures from here that might be more pleasing to your taste👍😀 have a Nice day!

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Love this one buddy! Excellent houw you made these colours 'pop'!

Klaus Axelsen's picture

Thanks Kevin! It was some magic light going on that morning👍😀