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''Inflowing storm''

Howling winds, constantly passing downpours and unpredictable ocean tides made it quite a challenge to shoot landscapes last winter in France. But on the other hand, these challenging conditions also were responsible for the dramatic atmosphere and extraordinary light wich almost was a guaruantee for great imaging.

This result is a blend of several exposures with different shutter speeds to get the right motion in the water and the correct exposure in the fore- and background. Hope y'all like this one :)

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16mm · f/16.0 · 1s · ISO 50
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Amazing flow and mood in this one, Kevin. Such a dramatic and awesome scene👍🏻😀 Great work🤟🏻

Thanks a lot Roger! The weather made the atmosphere really beautiful, tough conditions to shoot in though ;)

Great image and amazing location. I had to zoom in on the light house to figure out what was creating that highlight on the right side of it.

Thanks! That highlight is actually the other side of the lighthouse wich is painted white for beter visibility when seen from the ocean. Thought of removing it in post, i first bugged me, but in the end i decided to leave it in it's original state :)

Great one Kevin!! Awesome moody scene and nice shutter for the water👍🔝

Much appreciated Klaus! This part of France is a paradise to shoot in ;)