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soap bubble

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Love the creativity of this shot!

Thank you

What did you use for a backdrop?

The backdrop is just black. The colors are all soap colors. The more you let the bubble sit the more crazy cool colors you get. The only way you can see the colors is if you have a light with a big white diffuser right above it very close to the bubble

Cool! I’m gonna try this. Thanks :)

really like this.. Well done

Thank you

Beautiful, Skyler! A very striking image, well conceived and immaculately executed. Well done.

So creative! These colours are incredibly beautiful.

Phil, thank you for taking the time to look and comment on my photos. Thank you for your kind words. I really love your photos. This year goal is to learn more about portrait photography. You inspire me!

Skyler - Looking at your photos is an absolute pleasure. If you just picked up photography in 2018, then you've obviously got scads of inherent talent. My goodness - your work is stunning. It's so nice to see so much creativity. Thank you for your kind words about my stuff as well. I am just tickled that they have inspired you. Thank you for that. :) I love portrait photography with a passion. If your goal this year is portrait photography, it looks to me like you're already well out of the gate! The portraits you have in your portfolio here of the little girl are great. ….but there is one that is sublime - the one in which she has such a pensive look with the window reflection. Brilliant! I see you have a Batis 85mm in your gear list as well as some Sony GM lenses that I also own. If you're shooting portraits, an 85 is the go-to lens for sure. I recently purchased the Sony 85mm GM and it blew me away. Best lens I own. The 135 GM is a sharp titan as well! Take care and I hope you and your family stay healthy and safe. :)