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Sofia lounging in my window

I love to include casual lifestyle looks on my fashion shoots. It's a chance for the models to relax and give you insight into their personality. What does this image portray of Sofia's personality?

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Beautiful shot and model, Hector! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you sir!

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This is what a Modern Supermodel suppose to look like in 2020 ......Great shoot Hector .

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Thanks so much Tracy! I appreciate you.

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I like it a lot. The lighting is very enticing, the shadows on the left side of her face offset the rest of the even light. Good control of the light. Good use of depth of field. The hand and leg out of focus push your eyes to her face.

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Yep! You get it. Thanks

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wonderful image - strong work

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Thanks Glenn!

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Great shot very sexy

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Thanks Rey!