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Rome is one of the best places,, To be here for the first time surrounded by 3000 years of history is an overwhelming experience..
The home of countless notable buildings such as The Temple of Saturn the Roman Forum was the center of the Empire for over a thousand years and its ever changing state reflected the continuous shifting in the religious, military and political nature of the Roman world.

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Something is different with this photo. Was this late day or did you have filters? Or was this created in post to look like this. I like it but don't understand how you got this. Remember I am not a professional nor do I even know how to use any editing program so I am just asking and learning. The long shadow is a tell tale it was late day. Guess this is why you work for Nikon, you just that damn good.....

Thank you my friend for liking my work
In fact, we are all photographed to express ourselves and to document beautiful places,
This image has been modified in Photoshop, which is something I try my best & style in post processing
And yes NIKON always encourage creators around the world :)