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S Rocks !

This amazing beach is located at north coast of Spain, in the Asturias region. A took this shot with my mobile phone. I used a DNG function to be sure to get a non compressed file. I'm surprized about the quality of a Samsung S9... Don't you ?

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smooth to the eye,, strong to the view amazing job fab!!

Thanks Hanaa, that's very kind

Great and strong leading lines on the sand. Great work!

Thanks Gregory, much apreciate

very nice placement of elements

Thanks Sandeep

Fabrice, 4/5 th excellent at least, love the foreground “S” rocks but I question the upper 1/5 th of the image. The sky and seabound rock appear muddy and their contrast don’t match the rest of your image.

Hi Paul, thanks for your words. Yes, it was very moody this day, and the rain was comming. But my main issue with this photo is the apperture... It was done whith my phone...

Thanks onnce again for your feedback, much apriciate