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Light show at Pfeiffer beach keyhole arch

Pfeiffer beach's keyhole arch "light show" is a natural phenomenon that occurs every year, for a few weeks in winter where sunset casts the rays through the keyhole for just a few minutes. Photographers and tourists swarm every day during this period, and our group decided to skip due to crowds. Luckily, we changed our minds in the last few days of this event and witnessed this amazing show.

16mm · f/5.6 · 1/2s · ISO 50
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How many people were there at this time?

Only a handful. I visited during the long weekend in January (1/18).

Beautiful Karthik..I am guessing this would be a sunset shot to have the sun come through the keyhole. I have been at 6am, just minutes after they open the small parking lot and had a good 45 minutes with very few people.. Beautiful place..

Jonathan Burrows: Yes, this was at sunset and this phenomenon (light rays passing through keyhole) is during a few weeks every year from late Dec to mid Jan.