Irene (self-portrait) by Irene Rudnyk
Irene Rudnyk's picture

Irene (self-portrait)

April 20, 2020
Canon R
85mm · f/2.8 · 1/250s · ISO 250
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Dave McDermott's picture

This is a great shot but the fact that its a self portrait makes it even more impressive.

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

I think it needs a bit of a crop. The quality is amazing but, the volume of the sleeves and the angel of the body and camera perspective, it has this odd widening effect. Still fabulous though.

Irene Rudnyk's picture

I experimented with different crops and this one looked the best to me, but sure, I bet it would still look good cropped a bit tighter.

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Im just nitpicking honestly. Your work and work ethic is inspiring.

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D Man's picture

This is a real good shot...the Model, where did you find her? She gorgeous...

The images had me pricing an 85mm lens.

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