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Morant's Curve

Taken at the usual spot in Lake Louise.

Banff National Park.

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Awesome capture! Good work!

Hi Chris. interesting image.
is this a composite outcome or single image?


Composite-ish, in that the frame was shot first with a 4-stop ND and no trains to make sure scene was solid. Then shot 2-different versions of the train (fast shutter to freeze the engines, and then the 1.3s exposure to get some movement in the cars).

The shutter speed on the engines was just a hair to slow unfortunately, so went with this version.


Chris, thanks. This clarified the juxtaposition of still vegetation and running train. Learning a great deal from your digital art.
good work.

The train in that area is only crawling at maybe 10kph, and the day was fairly calm. I would not have expected to see the foliage or vegetation affected much. Thanks for the question!

Thanks for adding that bit. am amazed by the achievement of the art form. Specially the train composite is just superb along with its colours and motion blur. cheers.