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Magical light

Last day in the Dolomites. We went up on Seceda planing to photograph the famous ridge. There was so much fog and clouds that we could not see 2 meters in front of us. We waited for about half an hour at the coffee shop for the weather to clear. Instead it got worse. Rain and wind. The Cafe closed. I refused to go down with the last cable car so we waited for an extra hour outside in the rain. Suddenly the fog cleared. The rain stopped. The sun got out for a few minutes and we could finally see Seceda. But the sun never got to light the ridge. So after one mediocre shot I started to follow the light and got this shot of Seiser Alm, across the valley from us.

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Magnificent capture!

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So beautiful.

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Nice shot. I love this place

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Very nice!

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So beautiful

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