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Badly bad santa

Selfie from gray haired session

Canon 6D
85mm · f/1.8 · 1/80s · ISO 50
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amazing , what's the lightning setup?

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Thanks. Octa 80cm in left, very close to face and above, strip box 30x90cm as rim light in right. White floor as sparkle in the eyes

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Thanks alot !

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Very nicely done!

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I don't know why I have not come across your work before but it is spectacular.

This is a brooding shot man..just brooding. Really nice work!!

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j'adore ;)

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seriously incredible work. Its portraits like this that inspire me to be better

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Супер! )

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Well deserved. This is such a striking and powerful image.

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Dat beard doh...

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I like this a lot. Great shot. Inspired me to try it for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Amazing portrait...

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a kind of portrait you remember

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couldn't agree more

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loved it, amazing

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Nice work

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That 85 mm glass is incredible! Is it "L" or "normal" USM lens (f/1.8)?

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it's usual f/1.8 Canon lens (Don't forget about post processing it's not clear Raw file from camera. It's some retouch and intellectual sharpness to face and tonal correction)