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Bushes in the forest

One of the most powerful proof that our nature is alive is the forest, whom since hundred of years provided shelter and food from us. Let us enjoy the freshness and beauty of it.

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Beautiful job, Stanley! You've managed to find the order in the chaos that makes a composition out of a bunch of trees. You have quite a poetic touch in your images. Subtle it may be, but I think I prefer this one even to your Lake Wanaka tree image. Well done.

Thank you mate!, When we wandered towards the coast line and spot this interesting bushes. sometimes overcast weather can produce this dramatic tonality.

Gorgeous work Stanley. I think it takes a real talent to see such opportunity, such beauty hidden in plain sight.

(BTW - I met my wife down the road from you in Shekou…..)

Thanks Alan! Oh really? Have we met before as I can't recall it back in 2006 when I was in Shekou. By the way, I am now living in Luohu district.

Great capture!


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