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Hurricane Sowe

Taken at location with two off-camera speedlights. No digital manipulation... Taken during an incoming hurricane to the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

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Expert. Clean, concise message, beautifully done.

THanks Tony!... I appreciate your comment.... Saludos

I was going to write "nice composite" until I read the description. This is fantastic work!

Thanks Josh.... This was one of the more complex photo I have done... more than one year planing and waiting for the perfect storm.... In location I we where able only to shoot for less than 10 minutes due the weather conditions!!!.... but was a great experience!... Thanks.

Cool concept

How'd she get on the ladder without getting her dress wet?

Hi Chris... this image was shot at a location with shallow water... The model picked up her dress to get up in the ladder... you can see more images of this shoot at my FB fan page where the model is in the water... with the dress wet!... Thanks.